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Crochet Fantasy No 002 (Oct 1982)

Crochet Fantasy No. 2, October 1982. 35 DesignsĀ 

1-Round Tablecloth
3-Simple Flower
4-Rectangular Runner
5-Antic White Doily
6-Flower Cushion
7-Rose Cushion
8-Rectangular Cushion
9-Square Cushion
10-Pink Doily
11-Patchwork Runner
12-Small Doily
13-Small Doily
14-Small Doily
15-Square Runner
16-Letter M
17-Letter E
19-Small Flowers
20-Birthday Cake
24-Star Lace Runner
25-Clover Tablecloth
26-Flower Tablecloth
27-Magnolia Doily
28-3 Color Pink Doily
29-Geometric Motifs
30-Oval Flower Doily
31-Vase & Flowers
33-Yellow Doily
34-Round Tablecloth
35-Large Geometric Doily

(Used) Excellent condition.

CONDITION STATEMENT: These are vintage pre-owned books. Some have rarely been opened , while others may have been well-used and show their age. Previous book owners may have written in / on their books, stickers may have been removed from the covers, pages may have yellowed, some pages may be dog-eared or creased. There might be small tears on pages or covers due to shipping and may have clear tape over tears to prevent further damage. Depending on how they were used or stored by previous owners, there could be slight odor. I will ensure that all patterns and pages are present and attached.

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