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American Thread Book No 066 (1949)

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American Thread Co. Star Book No. 66 (1949)

Crocheted Edgings Nos 6601 - 6606
Five-Piece Tatted Luncheon Set No 6607
Crocheted Motif Cross Book Mark No 6608
Crocheted Cross Book Mark No 6609
Tatted Cross Book Mark No 6610
Tatted Edgings Nos 6611 - 6617
Tatted Doily Party Set No 6618
Crocheted Doily No 6620
Crochet Doily No 6621
Tatted Edgings Nos 6622-6629
Tatted Petal Doily No 6630
Tatted Tablecloth No 6631

(Used) Good condition. 

CONDITION STATEMENT: These are vintage pre-owned books. Some have rarely been opened , while others may have been well-used and show their age. Previous book owners may have written in / on their books, stickers may have been removed from the covers, pages may have yellowed, some pages may be dog-eared or creased. There might be small tears on pages or covers due to shipping and may have clear tape over tears to prevent further damage. Depending on how they were used or stored by previous owners, there could be slight odor. I will ensure that all patterns and pages are present and attached.

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