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Fruit Carden-Texas Purl

Fruit Garden in Thread

My obsession with thread remains. I've wanted to start a new thread project. Though I already have two large projects on the hooks - The Stunning Swag curtain: 85% finished & Diagonals tablecloth: 30% finished.

This one should take about a month or two, but when I need to work in thread, well, I work in thread.

I've tackled The Spice Market CAL by the guy with the hook in #10 with great success.

Spice Market CAL-TexasPurl

And Helen Shrimpton's Sacred Space in #5. This won a blue ribbon at our county fair!

Sacred Space - TexasPurl

Now I'm on to the next challenge - Fruit Garden by Janie Crow in #10. I'm hoping for a victorian look with this one that's only large enough for a small tabletop.

Fruit Garden-TexasPurl

I hope you get as much enjoyment from your craft as I do. It's helps harmonize my life when it looks to be too daunting to move forward. A challenging project will test your perseverance. All there is to lose is a bit of yarn.

Have a Happy Day!