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Clones Lace: The Story and Patterns of an Irish Crochet (2010)

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Clones Lace: The Story and Patterns of an Irish Crochet by Maire Treanor

Mercier Press - 2nd Edition 2010

From the back cover ~ "This book tells the social history of the crochet lace-making tradition in south Ulster. Between the mid-nineteenth century and the early twentieth century, almost every family in the area made Clones lace. Crocheting, as it was fondly called, was a part of the community. It offered great opportunities for young people, many of whom travelled to Dublin to train in design and then taught it in the west of Ireland. The lace-making industry declined, as fashions changed and machine-made lace became more popular, in the early twentieth century. The lace continued to be made locally, for tourists in a small way until the 1960s. "... the research done for this book will ensure that once again Clones lace will be given its place among the great Irish laces. Máire includes the stories that were recorded during lace storytelling night over the last ten years, as part of the "Cassandra Hand Summer School of Clones Lace".... "The second part of the book is aimed at the beginner, with guides to easy-to-do motifs that will introduce you to the beautiful craft of Clones lace. Máire has transcribed the Clone knot-filling stitch and the many secrets of this unique craft from other workers in the area, with easy-to-follow directions."

(Used) Very Good condition.

CONDITION STATEMENT: These are vintage pre-owned books. Some have rarely been opened, while others may have been well-used and show their age. Previous book owners may have written in / on their books, stickers may have been removed from the covers, pages may have yellowed, some pages may be dog-eared or creased. There might be small tears on pages or covers due to shipping and may have clear tape over tears to prevent further damage. Depending on how they were used or stored by previous owners, there could be slight odor. I will ensure that all patterns and pages are present and attached.

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